With a good portion of Americans working jobs that require them to sit at a desk all day long, it’s no wonder there’s a spike in TMJ disorders. One of the symptoms of TMJ disorder is actually forward head posture. The condition occurs when your head sits too far forward. The ideal posture alignment is for your head, ears, and neck to all line up as a natural response to gravity. Prolonged computer use with bad posture is one of the leading causes of forward head posture. What many people don’t know is that forward head posture is actually a symptom of TMJ disorder.

Temporomandibular joints are the jaw joints responsible for opening and closing your mouth as well as swallowing, talking, chewing and even sneezing. This is the most used joint in the body and oftentimes related problems go untreated due to misdiagnosis.

What is Forward Head Posture?

Forward head posture is a condition that causes the head and neck to jut forward. To compensate for the odd posture, the brain pulls the head back using the jaw muscles. As a result of this new stress on the TM joint, TMJ disorder forms.

Find Out If You Suffer From Forward Head Posture

To determine if you have bad posture, sit in a chair at a desk and pay attention to when and if you start to slouch over with a rounded back or neck. If this is the case, you might have forward head posture and TMJ.

How Posture Affects TMJ

Starting at a young age, parents and teachers regularly instruct children to sit up straight and to practice good posture. You should have a straight back with your shoulders back and your head level. It’s important to maintain this posture when sitting, walking and standing. Those who suffer from TMJ subconsciously position their heads forward as if they were having trouble holding their heads up.

Not only is forward head posture a symptom of TMJ, but it can also cause severe tension and neck pain which is also related to TMJ. If you have any other symptoms of TMJ like clicking or popping in your jaw when you open or close it, jaw pain, frequent headaches, neck or jaw pain, it’s a good idea to visit us at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics for an evaluation.

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