A tale of two football greats: Michael Strahan and Jack Lambert, both NFL hall-of fame defenders with distinctive smiles. But what sets these two players apart is their attitude toward their distinctive smiles.

woman with gap in teeth smilingAn Intimidating Persona

Jack Lambert is known as the distinctive face of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense during the period of their dominance from 1974-1984. The four central teeth in his upper arch were missing due to a basketball injury when a youth. Without the option of dental implants, he wore a removable denture, which he had to take out during games, giving him a distinctively fearsome appearance as he sat on the sidelines. While Jack Lambert’s fang-toothed appearance was intimidating on the field, and he embraced it for the purposes of marketing himself as a fearsome opponent, off the field he seemed less comfortable with his appearance. Candid shots and those posed with fans rarely show Lambert smiling. He doesn’t like to show off his missing teeth.

One May Smile and Be a Villain

Michael Strahan, on the other hand, who played for the New York Giants for his career from 1993-2007, is very proud of his unique gap-toothed smile. He is so proud of it that he wants to make sure it appears in his NFL Hall of Fame bust. While most of the people in the Hall of Fame have dour or intimidating expressions, Strahan told Jimmy Kimmel Live the he wants his to be smiling because he believes this is actually a more intimidating appearance. Certainly Strahan’s on-the-field record shows that, no matter how he looks, he was certainly a player to be feared. With his record-setting sack in 2001, Strahan’s legacy as a defensive end is secure.

How Do You Feel about Your Smile?

There’s no right or wrong appearance when it comes to your unique smile. If your teeth are healthy and you’re comfortable with them–gaps and all–there’s no reason to get cosmetic dentistry. But if you are unhappy with a gap in your smile or other cosmetic problem, porcelain veneers can help. To learn more about getting a smile you’re proud to share, please contact Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics in Spokane and Spokane Valley today.