Without much thought, we know we need our teeth to eat, chew and enjoy food. We also know that teeth help give us attractive smiles and laughs.

At the same time, our teeth can serve as indicators of how healthy we are. A healthy smile often indicates a healthy body. Someone with a less-than-ideal smile due to oral or dental health problems may also suffer from general health issues as well.

Since our teeth hold plenty of value and portray a lot of meaning, comprehensive dentistry is a crucial part of keeping our smiles, mouths, and bodies healthy and functioning properly. A complete dental routine should consist of more than brushing (maybe with an electric brush) and the occasional flossing. Working with a dentist who offers comprehensive dentistry is a great way to know that your mouth and teeth are healthy, which helps to increase your internal health.

Well-Rounded Dentistry for Overall Well-Being

A comprehensive dentist is one who offers a variety of dental treatments and who has plenty of experience fixing some of the most complex dental problems. A dentist that merely offers cavity fillings and cleanings may not be ideal if you are looking for optimal dental treatment.

The good news is that we offer many different treatments for improving your dental and oral health; which, in turn, can help improve your general health.

From TMJ treatment to treating gum disease, our Spokane dentists can help you! Though you may not immediately think of it, a healthy smile can change your life. If you’re ready for a healthy smile that advertises a healthy body; look no further than Drs. Ken & Marnie Collins. Both dentists know the true importance of comprehensive dentistry and how it can change your life for the better. Call our office at (509) 532-1111 today!