A cosmetic dentist works in an area of dentistry that has to take into account both scientific and artistic principles to achieve optimal results. On the one hand, he must stay on top of the scientific trends to understand how to keep smiles healthy, and on the other hand he must be prepared to assess the aesthetics of the smile where there are few well-established scientific principles to follow.

A Healthy Smile Is a Beautiful Smile

It’s an essential truth of cosmetic dentistry that the health and beauty of smiles are closely related. In assessing the beauty of a smile, a cosmetic dentist is often also assessing its health.

White smiles are beautiful because it is easier to see that they are free of decay than it is with teeth that are stained.

Crooked teeth are not only harder to clean, which can increase a person’s risk of gum disease, they might also be a sign of loose teeth and/or imbalanced bite forces.

It’s often necessary to ensure the health of a smile before efforts are made to restore its beauty. For example, if a person has TMJ that has led to stress cracking and tooth wear, it’s advisable to treat the TMJ before giving that person porcelain veneers.

A Subtle Eye and a Deft Touch

There have been no shortage of scientific attempts to define a beautiful smile, but we still don’t have a good, objective definition of what it is. Instead, although the cosmetic dentist knows about these principles, he must rely to a great extent on his own judgment and sense of beauty to determine the best smile design.

And once a cosmetic dentist decides on the smile design, it’s even harder to achieve it. Although there are basic procedures that can always be used to reliably get reasonable results, it’s only a few dentists that have the ability to achieve truly standout results. You can see the quality of our results for yourself in our smile gallery.

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