senior couple hugging and smiling outsideNo one wants to live with dentures. That is a statement that many people will agree with, but when you are missing teeth, or don’t have any at all, what other alternatives are there? Dental implants are the best alternative to your own natural teeth, and not only look better (and are easier to manage than dentures) but are also better for your oral health, which is important to how happy you are in your life. Here are just seven ways in which dental implants can help improve your quality of life.

1.      Aesthetics

When your jaw does not have living teeth to stimulate it, it will begin to deteriorate leaving your face sunken and unhealthy looking. Implants also blend in with your natural teeth better than dentures.

2.      No Slippage

Dentures can often slip and slide around in your mouth if not secured properly. This is something you don’t have to worry about with dental implants!

3.      Eat What You Want

Obviously, you still want to avoid foods that are bad for your oral health, but dental implants will allow you to eat foods such as corn on the cob and steak!

4.      Speak Up

Your teeth have a large impact on your enunciation of words, obviously the less teeth you have, the harder it will be for people to understand you. This can also be difficult with dentures that slip around in the mouth.

5.      Improved Social Confidence

Missing teeth can affect self confidence. Dentures may not be able to completely solve this problem as you may be self-conscious about slipping or unattractive dentures. but also your overall oral health.

6.      Keep Them In

Unlike dentures, you can leave dental implants in at night with no worries! This can help prevent you from developing TMJ by keeping your jaw in a healthy position all night long.

7.      The Long Haul

Dental implants are a great long term solution, and extremely reliable. While dentures may need to be relined as much as every six months and replaced after a few years, dental implants can last for decades.

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