The Internet is free-range, truly. Nowadays there is nothing you can’t do or find online. From banking to communication to recipes and even self-diagnosis and at home remedy sites, there truly is no limit to the information that is available.

Sometimes Internet users need to filter the information they come across as some of it could potentially be harmful or outright wrong, like for your oral health.

Worried young woman using laptopUsing The Internet To Diagnose Your Oral Health

A  newly launched website named e-Toothache Remedies gives visitors a variety of remedies for treating a toothache at home in the event that a patient cannot pay for or make time to visit a dentist.

While the provided information seems to be quite harmless, the fact is that it is information provided by people who have no dental experience.

It’s obvious that it’s not own, run, or maintained by a dentist or a dental professional. Instead, it is ran by a web developer that probably knows nothing at all about taking care of an aching tooth. While websites such as e-Toothache Remedies seem to be considerate and helpful from the outside, the fact is that websites like these are often created to provide information that will draw a lot of traffic so that the website owner can more than likely make money off of click-through fees as well as Google Adsense ads.

Don’t Avoid The Dentist

In the end, these websites shouldn’t be used as a way to avoid the dentist altogether. While they may be cheaper than a visit to the dentist, patients are only putting their health at risk by using the provided information. Whether you have the symptoms of a toothache, gum disease, or some other dental ailment, patients should know that self-diagnosis and at home remedies are not the best option. While a toothache may seem like a non-life-threatening problem, if left untreated a toothache could be fatal.

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