The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that Americans eat 30 pounds of cheese a year (which actually seems like a low number when cheese lovers consider how much they alone probably consume each year!). The most consumed cheese? Mozzarella. This is probably thanks to pizza being such a staple in the American diet.

There’s even a name for people who love cheese: Turophile. It’s believed the name originated from an American radio host in 1938. Of course, if you consult the popular site there are a other names for cheese lovers such as a cheesaholic.

Now, you may be wondering, How does cheese tie into cleaner teeth? Well, mouthwash continues to be the best cavity protector, but research has shown that cheese can actually help prevent cavities and keep the pH levels in the mouth at a healthier, more alkaline state. The research was conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry, and the team believes that an increase in the production of saliva thanks to consuming cheese plays a role in how this favorite snack helps keep teeth healthier. Chewing on cheese also creates a film around the teeth that helps protect them even further from the acid attacks that occur in the mouth and often damage enamel.

The key to snacking on cheese for teeth health is choosing your cheese wisely, as not all offer the same protection. Real cheese rules supreme over the processed stuff. Some of the best cheeses include cheddar, Monterrey jack, brie camembert, gorgonzola and Roquefort. To get the most benefit for teeth, finish meals with a few small bites from a larger piece so your teeth scrape the whole piece. There’s no need to eat a whole block, either.

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