In a straight and properly aligned smile, the upper teeth should naturally fit over the lower row of teeth and the points of each molar tooth should fall into the tops of the opposite molars. Generally this provides for a beautiful smile that is straight and structurally sound. When the teeth are properly aligned, the tongue, cheeks, and lips are all protected as they should be. But, for a lot of different reasons, not all of us have perfectly aligned teeth and many times the upper row of teeth overlap the bottom row of teeth to a higher degree than normal. Teeth that do not come together properly, a condition also known as malocclusion, is a very common dental problem today. Children, adults, 3,000lb hippos, and seniors alike can all suffer from having a bite that isn’t perfectly balanced. This can lead to worn and broken teeth as well as TMJ disorder. So what causes malocclusion? Factors such as genetics, overcrowding, abnormally shaped teeth, overuse of a pacifier, and thumb sucking can all cause the teeth to not sit within perfect alignment. Dental problems such as improperly placed filling, braces, and unnaturally-shaped crowns can also cause a bad bite.
woman suffering from jaw pain

The Fix For Malocclusion

The fix for a bad bite will differ between each patient, depending on the severity of the malocclusion. Some patients have very slight malocclusion that isn’t very noticeable and rarely requires dental intervention. Braces can be used to realign the teeth and fix a bad bite but some may require more extensive treatment including reconstructive dentistry to reshape the teeth. Though we all want to be able to show off a perfect smile that is properly aligned, bright, and plenty white, rarely are we born with a flawless smile. However, treatment for malocclusion is quite easy and is sure to correct your bad bite. With an effective treatment, you will feel much more satisfied with your smile. Call Collins Dentistry & Aestheitcs at (509) 532-1111, to get started on a treatment plan.