Weddings can take months to plan. Certain elements such as the cake, venue, and your wedding attire need to be planned in advance in order to be ready on time. Another element that requires advanced planning is your smile. As the betrothed couple, all eyes will be on you and your partner on the Big Day. You deserve to enjoy the day without worrying about how you look. If you feel embarrassed by gaps or crooked teeth, you should include Invisalign in your wedding planning.

Affectionate bride and groom kissing on their wedding dayPlanning Ahead for the Perfect Smile

Invisalign is an effective method of tooth straightening without metal and wires. These braces are completely removable, which means that they will not limit your diet or make oral hygiene a challenge while you use them. Simply remove your braces during meal times and when you clean your teeth, then put them back on. Your treatment will be comfortable and convenient, and nobody will know unless you talk about it.

If you think that there is not enough time for tooth straightening before your Big Day, think again. The average wedding takes about 13 months to plan, which is about how long Invisalign straightening takes. You should start to see results after about 3 months, so even if you are still wearing your clear braces by the time your wedding rolls around, your teeth will look great. 

A Royal Wedding

If your wedding is only a handful of months away, don’t fret. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is designed to be virtually invisible. In July 2012, England celebrated the marriage of Zara Phillips, Queen Elizabeth II’s second eldest grandchild, and famed rugby player Mike Tindall. Several months after their wedding, Mike admitted that he was wearing Invisalign during the wedding. Nobody suspected a thing, and nothing showed up in their wedding photos.

Mike isn’t the only person to wear these invisible braces at their wedding. When it comes to invisibility, these clear braces are tough to beat. The official Invisalign website even has a page dedicated entirely to the success of this product for discrete orthodontics at weddings. These clear braces should start showing results after about 3 months, so your smile will look great for your wedding.

Makeup Tips

Some women have reported experiencing makeup troubles while wearing Invisalign. Lipstick may be easily smudged across the surface of your retainer, making it visible to other people. People also experience these smudges without clear braces, but smudges may be more difficult to wipe off of retainers. You can avoid this problem with a simple makeup trick. After applying your wedding makeup, insert your index finger (or a napkin, if you prefer) into your mouth, close your lips, and slowly pull your finger (or napkin) out. Doing so will remove excess color from the back of your lips so that it does not smear on your braces. 

Brighten Your Day

In addition to straightening your teeth, your dental makeover plans may include tooth whitening. Your teeth are exposed to many stain-causing substances every day such as salad dressing, coffee, and even pool water. Yellowing teeth can give others the impression that you have poor hygiene. Unfortunately, if you wear makeup, certain shades can also accentuate any stains you have on your teeth. Unlike straightening, whitening takes a relatively short amount of time and can wait until later in your planning stages. After just one visit, teeth whitening can make your teeth appear up to 8 shades lighter. Whether you are a bride or groom, tooth whitening will help boost your confidence and make you appear even more radiant at your wedding.

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