a man touching his lower back at pain pointPhysicians are learning new information about migraines every day, and recently there has been some connections made between lower back pain and migraines. This connection highlights the interconnectedness of the body and reminds us how TMJ is capable of causing widespread symptoms despite only being in the jaw.

The Study

In a recent study published in the Journal of Neurology Research, 30,000 to 35,000 twin individuals were questioned between 1994 and 2002. These questions were primarily focused on certain somatic or environmental factors that could cause migraines in adults. Researchers found that there was an increased risk in developing migraines when lower back pain was present. The back pain was usually caused by a heavy physical workload or heavily physical recreational activities.

Connections Everywhere

The results of this study may seem surprising at first, but on second thought the connection is really not that farfetched. Consider the connection between migraines and spinal cord injuries. A staggering 30% of people with spinal cord injuries also experienced migraines compared to only 10% of the general population. It is also important to remember that some people seek treatment for migraines by piercing their ear.

The main connection here is nerves. Migraines are often a symptom of some kind of nerve damage in a different part of the body. TMJ is a good example of this. An injury to the jaw can also cause damage to the trigeminal nerve which in turn can cause migraines in addition to neck and shoulder pain.

Don’t Let Pain Get on Your Nerves

While migraines can be debilitating, and often excruciatingly painful, there are plenty of options to help at least make the pain more manageable. If you have recently injured your jaw in an accident, or have habits such as grinding your teeth, then it is likely that your migraines stem from TMJ. It is important to seek out a trained TMJ dentist to help diagnose you and set you up with a plan that can help relieve some of the pain. If you are in need of a TMJ dentist in Spokane, please call (509) 532-1111 for an appointment at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics.