Many of us have a good idea of some of the most commonly used and heard dental terms. We know what a cavity is and that a filling is often used to remedy the problem. We also know that all sorts of cosmetic dentistry procedures can be used to fix a variety of flaws within the smile. One condition that not too many people are aware of is the occlusal cant. To put it simply, an occlusal cant occurs when the teeth appear to be slanted relative to the nose and lips.

Generally Occlusal Cants are Caused by Asymmetries within the Jaw.

So how can cosmetic dentistry fix a problem that is structurally based? Porcelain veneers are frequently the perfect fix for an occlusal cant. When placed properly, porcelain veneers can be used to create balance and symmetry and can be placed on the top teeth, bottom teeth, or possibly both. With porcelain veneers , your slanted smile will be reconstructed with a new smile that is straight and balanced to match the rest of your face. At the same time, a smile makeover using porcelain veneers also greatly improves your smile overall as the shape of your teeth, gaps between them, uneven proportions, and any other flaws are repaired in just a few visits.

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