silhouette of voice actor on green backgroundTemporomandibular joint disorder isn’t something to take lightly. Besides causing chronic pain and chewing difficulties, TMD can seriously impact every facet of a person’s life. Recently, a former professional voice actor gained Internet notoriety for losing his career to this debilitating disorder.

Meet Tom Rohe

Before 2009, Tom Rohe was a successful professional voice actor. Sadly, after having a tooth removed back in 2009, Roha developed TMJ disorder. Soon, Rohe began to experience speaking problems that became so serious, he was forced to give up his career.


According to Rohe, he is only able to speak normally after taking the prescription sleeping medication, Ambien. The following video clearly shows just how debilitating Rohe’s condition has become, while also raising questions about the best way to treat TMJ disorder.

Is Ambien a Good TMD Treatment?

Although Rohe appears to experience TMD relief after taking Ambien, there’s no medical evidence that this drug would help others who suffer from this debilitating disorder. What’s more, Ambien isn’t clinically approved to treat anything but insomnia. It also comes with a host of serious side-effects, including severe drowsiness, which makes it an impractical treatment for TMD or any other condition that affects people during the day.

A Simple Answer

The vast majority of TMD sufferers experience complete relief when they receive a targeted treatment that addresses the root cause of their disorder: a bad or misaligned bite. By offering exactly this, Drs. Ken and Marnie Collins are able to provide their patients with lasting TMD relief. Don’t self-medicate; seek professional help before TMJ disorder turns your life upside down. Even if you symptoms are mild right now, they are likely to worsen over time. Don’t wait for your condition to negatively impact your career and your overall happiness. Contact Drs. Ken and Marnie Collins to learn more.