sad looking woman holding drawing of bad teeth over her mouthLet’s face it: straight teeth are better than crooked ones. Most of us accept the fact that men and women find straight smiles more attractive when sizing up potential partners. With that said, a recent study appears to suggest that the advantages of having good teeth go well beyond dating. Recently, researchers at Invisalign took to the streets to find out how people feel about teeth. Ultimately, they found that a person’s smile can have a huge impact on how they are perceived by others. After talking with 1,000 respondents, the researchers discovered that straight smiles don’t just make us more date-worthy; they make us appear happier, more successful and more hireable to employers. After conducting its survey, it revealed some interesting stats, including: Around a quarter of respondents said they picture teeth first when remembering someone, with nearly one-third saying teeth are the very first thing they notice when they encounter someone new. People who flaunt straight smiles are almost 50 percent more likely to be viewed as being healthy. They’re also almost 40 percent more likely to be seen as intelligent and about 20 percent more likely to be seen as having happier lives. 58 percent of respondents said they viewed people who have straight teeth as being wealthier or more successful.

Facing Social Realities

Most people enjoy happier lives when they learn to accept personal flaws they cannot change. That said, modern advancements now allow us to correct crooked smiles; so we can attain more confidence that will help us enjoy richer, more enjoyable social lives. It’s time to get real about the world we live in and accept the fact that teeth really do matter. With that said, some adults avoid corrective treatments, because they fear traditional metallic braces will make them look immature. For these people, offer an inconspicuous way to straighten teeth, so they can finally get the smiles they’ve been dreaming of without turning their lives upside down. To learn more, call Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics at (509) 532-1111 in Spokane.