Summer, a time for bar-b-ques, fun outside and the soda that is part of America’s pastime, Root Beer. Soda can have a negative effect on our teeth; however, many people are surprised to learn that sugar isn’t the only reason why.

cold glass of root beer sitting on a picnic table in the summer

Not All Sodas the Same

Colas usually contain phosphoric and citric acids, both of which are known to cause enamel loss and dental erosion. If left untreated, these conditions can lead to complete tooth-loss.

Soda covers a wide span of drinks; from Coke to Sprite, Pepsi, 7-UP and so on, there is an endless amount of sweet carbonated beverages on today’s shelves. That said, not all of these products are created equally. It was determined that, despite being a soda, root beer is considered the safest soft drink as it rarely contains the harmful acids found in most sodas, which lessens its impact on teeth.

Commonly, we think of sodas as being sweet and fizzy, but rarely does acid come to mind; however, it has been shown that certain brands of cola have acid rankings of 2.39. Compare that number to the average acidity of a battery: 1.0. With a drink more than twice as acidic as a battery, it’s no surprise that soda can cause damage to our teeth.

Don’t Go Overboard

While Root Beer is more healthier than some of the other options, it’s important to not go out and drink it in excess as it still contains sugars that can damage your teeth.

Make Sure To Visit The Dentist No Matter What Type Of Soda You Drink

While a healthy diet is part of having a healthy mouth, routine visits to the dentist are also an important part of the equation. Give our office a call at (509) 532-1111 to schedule check-ups with your Spokane dentists throughout the year to ensure that your teeth are in tip-top shape.