Deluxe Comfort has recently begun to market a unique pillow designed for side sleepers as a potential way to relieve TMJ pain during the night. The Better Sleep Pillow targets TMJ sufferers due to its unique table-like design and memory foam construction that claims the ability to straighten and correctly support the spine thereby relieving TMJ pain.

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Is There Such Thing as a TMJ Relief Pillow?

Like Deluxe Comfort’s Better Sleep Pillow, there are lots of different TMJ pillows to choose from on the internet. There’s no telling what’s the best pillow for TMJ. If anything, sleep position plays a larger role than the condition of your pillow. When you have TMJ, it’s actually best to sleep on your back so you don’t put any pressure on your jaw or face. If you’re searching for the best pillow for TMJ problems, get one that’s for back or side sleeping. Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach as much as possible.

Although these cervical pillows for TMJ claim to treat TMJ, based on the TMJ pillow reviews, they don’t provide much relief. At the end of the day, you’re better off visiting our dental office for TMJ treatment. No pillow can fix the underlying cause, only your dentist can.

Why TMJ Treatment Is the Answer

TMJ pain occurs when the bite of the jaw is misaligned. This misalignment causes wear on the muscles from the jaw bone that usually allows the jaw to move freely. As a result, this causes severe pain and discomfort in the jaw. In addition, it causes other symptoms including neck and back tension, migraines, and even inner earaches.

The Better Sleep Pillow is constructed using memory foam to allow for more comfort in the head while sleeping. The unique design also allows side sleepers to sleep with their arms over their heads without the pain of the arm falling asleep. Unfortunately, the shape of the pillow does not allow much comfort for those who sleep on their back or stomachs. It would also be nearly impossible to use for those who toss and turn throughout the night. If the product did in fact help in relieving severe TMJ pain, the relief would only be temporary; targeting possibly one symptom rather than the root problem.

People who suffer from TMJ pain require treatment that fixes the cause rather than the symptoms. Unfortunately, a strange-looking pillow cannot take care of the root problem.

If you experience chronic neck and back pain, inner earaches, or severe headaches that are associated with TMJ disorder, call a neuromuscular dentist at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics at (509) 532-1111 to schedule a consultation.