We all want bright white teeth. Unfortunately, wanting is not the same as having, and with Spokane’s habitual love of coffee, it’s not an easy thing to maintain.

There are many options for trying to get your smile whiter: toothpastes, swabs, strips, and trays all beckon from the shelves of the grocery store or drug store–maybe even the convenience store! But you shouldn’t succumb to the siren song of these products. It’s best to work with a dentist for teeth whitening. Here’s why.

Make Sure Your Teeth Are Healthy

Healthy teeth are a necessary foundation for a beautiful smile. If you start trying to whiten your teeth without making sure that they’re healthy first, you will probably be disappointed with the results.

And continuing to try to whiten unhealthy teeth can make them more unhealthy. The results can be painful and may damage your teeth.

Working with a dentist is a good way to ensure that your teeth are healthy when you start whitening and stay healthy throughout treatment. At a minimum, you should check with your dentist before you start whitening and make regular checkups to monitor your oral health.

Make Sure Whitening Will Work

One of the appeals of over-the-counter whitening is that it’s inexpensive. But if it doesn’t work for you, that’s just money that you’re throwing away. When you pick up the kits at the store, you don’t know if it’s going to work or not. These kits won’t work on discoloration from:

  • Decay
  • Enamel defects
  • Thin enamel
  • Tooth injury or infection
  • Old restorations
  • Antibiotics

We can evaluate your teeth, determine the causes of staining, and recommend a course of action to achieve the beautiful white smile you desire. This may be professional whitening from our office, or it may be a treatment like veneers to cover deeply discolored teeth.

Get Better Results

Even when store-bought kits work on stains, their results are limited. That’s primarily because the whiteners are weak. They are just a fraction of the strength of whiteners that we can use in our practice.

In addition, the delivery systems for store-bought whiteners are uncertain. You have to use them carefully to avoid gum irritation and achieve even results without leaving discolored margins and other spots.

We can use stronger whiteners and our professional application of in-office whitening ensures even whitening. The professional take-home trays for improving and maintaining results at home are precisely fitted to ensure great results, too.

Avoid Sensitivity

Some people experience sensitivity related to teeth whitening. Store-bought whiteners can’t protect you against this.

But our whiteners are designed to avoid sensitivity, and, if necessary, we can adjust your formula to help.

Are You Ready for a Brighter Smile in Spokane?

If you are tired of living with a discolored smile in Spokane, we can help. Our professional teeth whitening gives us the tools to achieve not just bright teeth, but ensure you have a healthy, comfortable smile.

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