Will Herbs Relieve Symptoms of TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder is a trying condition that plagues numerous Americans. Sadly, the high demand for effective, tolerable TMJ relief has lured many businesses into marketing fad products that make outlandish claims.

Just Pop a Pill?

For-profit companies fall all over one another in an attempt to take advantage of people’s physical ailments. One business named Ridgecrest Herbals appears to be no different. By offering a vegetarian supplement that supposedly restores “normal jaw function,” the company claims to offer lasting relief from temporomandibular joint disorder. In reality, however, this product isn’t likely to do more than drain pocketbooks. Infused with ingredients, such as ammonium carbonicum, cocculus indicus, ignatia amara and cevadilla seed, this TMJ supplement is supposed to support healthy TMJ function. According to Ridgecrest Herbals, users need to take six pills every day for a month to see results: a costly investment, especially for an unproven product that doesn’t even have FDA approval.


Unfortunately the Food and Drug Administration has neither the will nor the resources to regulate herbal supplements. This has left consumers at risk for drug interactions and allergic reactions, since no one knows exactly how they will respond to certain herbs until it’s too late.

Forget Fad Products

If you have TMJ disorder, you won’t find help from a supplement. For effective, lasting relief, you need a treatment that targets the source of your problem: your bad bite. By offering a treatment strategy that realigns their patients’ bad bites, Drs. Ken and Marnie Collins provide permanent relief from jaw popping, jaw pain, chewing problems, headaches and other chronic symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. Don’t spend your hard-earned money on unregulated, unproven fad products that make bold, ridiculous claims. For lasting, effective relief from TMJ disorder, put your faith in a professional. To learn more, contact Drs. Ken and Marnie Collins today.