Why Invisalign?

Close up of Invisalign bracesIf you’ve ever considered getting your teeth straightened but decided not to because of the metal wires and brackets used in braces, then Invisalign is the obvious choice for you. Invisalign allows you to get your teeth straightened using clear plastic aligners. There are no wires or brackets required, and all that comes with them. No diet restrictions, no complicated cleaning, and no nicks or cuts on your cheeks and tongue.

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Why Straighten Your Teeth

Many adults put off orthodontic treatment because they think that straight teeth are simply a cosmetic concern and therefore not worth the investment. But it’s important to credit your feelings. If crooked teeth make you uncomfortable, they diminish your quality of life and can affect your personal relationships. Straightening your teeth is an investment in your quality of life.

And crooked teeth are not just a cosmetic issue, they are a health issue. Crooked teeth are harder to clean and may be more likely to experience decay as well as gum disease. Gum disease, in turn, is linked to numerous health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Straightening your teeth is an investment in your oral and general health.

Crooked teeth can also affect your professional relationships. With equal qualifications, people with straight teeth are more likely to be hired, and more likely to be offered a higher salary. So straightening your teeth is an investment in your career, too.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign’s unique approach to straightening your teeth offers many potential benefits, including:
•Clear plastic aligners are virtually invisible
•Aligners are removable
•No diet restrictions
•No special cleaning required
•More comfortable
•More flexibility about dental visits
•Treatment time comparable to traditional braces

The Invisalign plastic aligners are BPA-free and highly durable. When you’re wearing these aligners, they’re virtually invisible, and you can remove them any time you want. If you have a special event, for example, or a photo session where the light might highlight the aligners, you can just take them out.

You can also take them out for eating and for cleaning. That means you can keep eating all your favorite foods, and cleaning your teeth is the same as always. Just brush and floss (though you have to do it more often—cleaning after every time you eat is required).

Invisalign is probably friendlier to your lifestyle, too. Not only are they more comfortable and less distracting to your everyday activities, you don’t have to worry about personal or professional encounters where braces might influence others.

And it’s easier to fit Invisalign into your busy schedule. For braces, you have to visit the dentist’s office every time you need a tightening. But with Invisalign, you can get several aligners at once. Although you still need to visit our office periodically to check up on your progress, treatment doesn’t halt because your visit happens to fall on a day you’re out of town for business or pleasure. You can simply get an extra aligner from our office and schedule your check-up for when you get back.

Comparing Invisalign to Your Other Options

Although Invisalign is a great orthodontic treatment, it’s not ideal for everyone. For some people, traditional braces or porcelain veneers (“instant orthodontics”) might be a better choice.

Invisalign treats many types of crooked teeth very well, but there are some cases it’s just not well suited for. Rotating teeth, pulling teeth upward, and some other types of tooth movements are less efficient and less predictable with Invisalign. In these cases, we recommend traditional braces. We also recommend braces when you have TMJ or other serious bite issues.

Porcelain veneers can be a better option for straightening your teeth if you are looking for a treatment that gives rapid results. While Invisalign can take around a year to complete, porcelain veneers can give you straight teeth in less than a month. They can also correct discoloration and teeth that are small or poorly shaped. But porcelain veneers can cost more than Invisalign, and they also do not correct TMJ and other bite issues.

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