Juvederm ® Spokane

As you age, you develop a wealth of knowledge, experience and memories.  Unfortunately, along with those great things comes some bad news.  The many years of smiles begin to show on your face, and the natural hydration that kept your skin firm begins to wane.  But you can combat those cosmetic issues and regain your youthful appearance – without giving up the experience! – with a non-surgical Juvederm treatement.

While many people claim to be qualified to give Juvederm injections, cosmetic dentists are widely acknowledged to be the most qualified.  This is because of their vast experience in administering local anesthetic while giving injections.  Drs. Ken & Marnie Collins have advanced certifications in Juvederm treatments and have been helping people feel better about their appearance for more than ten years.

If you’d like to talk with Drs. Ken & Marnie Collins about whether Juvederm is right for you, please contact us online or at his Spokane, WA office at 509-532-1111.

What Is Juvederm? 
Juvederm ® is a dermal filler that uses hyaluronic acid (NOT hydrochloric acid), a naturally occurring hydrating compound in everyone’s skin.  With age, the acid’s concentration lessens, which leaves the skin softer, allowing the appearance of more wrinkles.  A product like Juvederm has such a high concentration of this acid that it helps restore the natural volume in your skin and firms it.  A one-time Juvederm treatment produces much more dramatic results than using even prescription strength creams or lotions for countering wrinkles.

How Is Juvederm Administered?
Drs. Ken & Marnie Collins will inject Juvederm in its gel form into your problem areas where it spreads easily through your skin and merges with it, leaving no lumps.  The gel instantaneously fills in your skin, leaving it with more volume and less wrinkles.  The whole process generally takes less than fifteen minutes, and is trauma-free.  With immediate results and no recovery time required, you will leave Drs. Ken & Marnie Collins’ office with a more youthful appearance than you arrived with!

Am I a Candidate for Juvéderm?
Most people are good candidates for Juvéderm treatment. If you desire volume in any of the areas Juvéderm treats, then you might be a candidate. You should let us know about any allergies you may have and any medications you are currently taking. Juvéderm is probably safe during pregnancy, but this hasn’t been studied, so let us know if you are or plan to become pregnant. We will discuss possible risks.

What Can I Expect After My Juvederm Treatment?
There are generally no side effects associated with the use of Juvederm, and the results are immediate and dramatic.  The appearance of wrinkles is lessened, and your skin will look firmer. The targeted area will retain the volume and youthful appearance for up to a year, and can be retreated as needed.

If you would like more information about how Juvederm can help you regain the youthful appearance of your skin, call Drs. Ken & Marnie Collins in their Spokane office at 509-532-1111, or contact their office by email. You can also make an appointment online.