Spokane Bikini and Brazilian Waxing

Bikini and Brazilian waxing are used to help shape pubic hair. This can help you look good in a swimsuit, make you more comfortable, or help you feel good about your personal appearance. Although there are many ways to remove hair in the pubic region, waxing is one of the best ways to remove hair in this sensitive area. It allows for more complete removal, leaves you smooth for longer, and allows for precise shaping of your remaining hairs if you desire it.

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Bikini and Brazilian waxing makes your skin smooth
Benefits of Bikini and Brazilian Waxing

There are many reasons why women are looking to remove pubic hair. Some of the more common reasons are: looking good in swimsuits, feeling cleaner, looking good to oneself or to partners, and feeling more comfortable. If you are going to remove pubic hair, waxing is a good option, because:
•Longer periods of hairlessness
•Can lead to permanent reduction of hair
•Saves you time and effort
•No harsh chemical depilatory
•Won’t leave stubble
•No risk of razor cuts or burns
•Less risk of ingrown hairs
•Gets hair that you can’t shave
•Allows shaping of hair
•Less expensive than electrolysis

With waxing you can see four weeks or more of relative hairlessness. And when the hairs do grow back, they might be finer and paler than before. Because you’re not shaving every day, you are saving yourself time. Waxing also uses an inert substance that is safer for your skin than harsh chemical depilatories.

Shaving can irritate the skin and can lead to razor cuts and burns. It also damages the hairs in ways that can increase the risk of ingrown hairs. It’s also not a good way to shape your remaining pubic hair. Waxing with supplemental plucking allows us to ensure you get the exact shape that you desire.

Although waxing is not permanent, it’s a much more cost-effective and time-effective hair removal method than electrolysis.

What’s in a Name?
The names “bikini wax” and “Brazilian wax” are sometimes used generally and other times used very specifically. In general, a bikini wax only removes hair from the front part of your bikini area, but a Brazilian wax removes hair from both the front and back of your body. How much hair remains and what shape it is in is always up to you.

Bikini Wax Cautions

Although bikini wax is the best way to achieve a clean appearance for your pubic hair, it does have some limitations.

One limitation that many women dislike is that they have to let their hair grow out. Hair has to be at least a quarter of an inch long for bikini waxing, and if your hair is coarse or strong, it might have to be longer. This means that although you do get long periods of hairlessness, you also have times where you’re growing your hair out.

There’s also a risk of wax burns. We keep our wax at a temperature that is generally safe, but some people with sensitive skin still have risks. Let us know if you have had trouble with waxing in the past.

It’s important to remember, too, that although bikini wax reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, they are still possible. We will tell you how to reduce your risk of ingrown hairs after a bikini wax.

Finally, we know that many women are discouraged from bikini wax by the risk of infection. We follow best hygiene practices in our office, which, it should be remembered is a medical office, too, with good sterilization protocols in place for all equipment. This helps reduce your risk of infection. But remember that hair is partly there to protect your body, and that hair removal can sometimes have undesired secondary health effects.

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