Body Waxing Spokane

Waxing is considered by many the best way to achieve a smooth, hairless appearance for your body. If you’re unhappy with body hair and want to eliminate it or shape it, then body waxing is your best choice. It’s quick, effective, economical, long-lasting, and can be good for your skin.

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Where Waxing Can Remove Hair

Body waxing can be used to remove hair from virtually anywhere. We can remove hair from your:

In addition, we offer facial waxing and bikini waxing services.

Waxing can be used to completely remove hair from an area or to contour the hair in the area, such as creating a well-defined patch of chest hair for men.

Our waxing services utilize the latest techniques and technologies available, which offer many benefits over traditional waxes, which may include less discomfort, longer-lasting results, and less skin irritation or fewer ingrown hairs.

A full body waxing will give you the confidence to put on that bikini

A full body waxing will give you the confidence to put on that bikini

Advantages of Body Waxing
There are good reasons why waxing is such a popular hair removal technique. Its benefits include:
•Fast procedure
•Full hair removal
•Reduction of density and thickness of hairs
•Long-lasting results
•Precise contouring
•Healthier for skin and hair

Body waxing can be completed relatively quickly. You can completely remove hair from your legs or back in under an hour, and often much less if your hair isn’t particularly dense. This is compared to hundreds of hours of electrolysis. With the quick time comes the benefit of reduced cost. And because waxing can give you extended periods of hairlessness, it’s an economical approach to hair removal.

Unlike methods like laser hair removal, waxing will remove all of the hair from a treated area, not just some or most of the hair. But, like laser hair removal, it will permanently reduce the thickness of the hairs that grow back. People experience three to six weeks of hairlessness after waxing, which is much longer than shaving, which can give hairlessness that lasts between hours and days.

Waxing also allows for the precise contouring of hair areas. Keep the hair you want, and eliminate everything else.

Waxing removes hair cleanly. It damages only the follicles you want to eliminate. It can provide healthy exfoliation for the skin. It can reduce the amount of ingrown hairs you experience because it doesn’t force hair sideways or drive skin and pollutants into follicles, as shaving can do.

You can further minimize side effects from waxing by:
•Avoiding sun exposure shortly after waxing
•Not working up a sweat for 10-12 hours after waxing
•Avoid heated water sources, including saunas, steam rooms, and even baths for 48 hours
•Do not exfoliate waxed areas for 24 hours after waxing—besides, it’s unnecessary as waxing exfoliates the area
•Avoid tight clothing after waxing

Let us know if you have sensitive skin or other concerns and we can take steps to ensure your comfort and quality of results.

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