Would you ever think there was a disorder that thousands, possibly millions of people suffer with without knowing at all? Meet TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder remains one of the most misunderstood and under-diagnosed health problems today. Known to cause all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms, the condition is preventable through quick detection and treatment of early symptoms. Patients who clench or grind their teeth at night should seek treatment immediately; as these behaviors can negatively impact the health of the teeth as well as the jaw. Clenching and grinding, which creates an increased amount of pressure and tension in the jaw, can lead to TMJ disorder when left untreated. Patients should note that treating these behaviors is quite simple – usually a mouth guard is all that is required to protect the teeth and the jaw. In the case of grinding and clenching the teeth, a proven treatment that is prescribed early on can lead to prevention and early diagnosis of TMJ disorder. Early diagnosis and treatment of the underlying causes is an effective way to protect your overall oral health from a condition that is known to cause painful symptoms throughout the body.

Diagnosing TMJ Early

While TMJ is most definitely a treatable and preventable condition; true prevention can only be done when a diagnosis is made quickly. Patients who experience any symptoms known to be associated with TMJ should seek dental assistance; just as the neuromuscular dentist should be aware of these symptoms and should suggest immediate treatment. Problems such as neck pain, jaw pain, facial pain and headaches have all been linked to TMJ and should be examined ASAP. To learn more about TMJ, the symptoms and treatment methods, call Dr. Ken & Marnie Collins at 509-581-4188 in Spokane or 509-927-2273 in Spokane Valley, today!