Spokane Valley Dentistry

Have you had a bad experience with a corporate dental chain?

Corporate-owned dental practices are popping up on the corners of shopping strips all over the country and many advertise extremely cheap prices, but patients are finding that they usually end up paying in other ways. Many Spokane Valley families have come to us recently sharing their stories of terrible service and what they felt were unnecessary procedures. At Collins Family Dentistry, we believe that your family’s dental health and wellbeing deserve the care of an experienced and caring staff that put your best interest first, not a bottom line.

One of the things Spokane Valley families love most about us here at Collins Family Dentistry is that we know our patients by name. You’re not seen by a different dentist each time you visit whose face you don’t recognize and name you don’t know. Drs. Ken and Marnie Collins are well-established members of the community who are committed to the health and wellbeing of all of Spokane Valley’s families.

Some of the benefits of our close-knit family practice include:

  • Knowing your visit won’t be rushed. We take our time and believe in quality care for each patient.
  • Providers you recognize, know and trust. We pride ourselves on being respected, established members of the community here in Spokane Valley.
  • You won’t feel like just another patient. Establishing a strong relationship is part of our core philosophy here at Collins Family Density.

We know how important being confident in your smile is. At Collins Family Dentistry we’re committed to your health and happiness and that’s why with your first new patient visit, we’d like to offer you a free Zoom In-Office Whitening Treatment. Call us today at (509) 314-2231 or click here to schedule your first appointment and free whitening treatment so you can become part of a practice who truly cares at Collins Family Dentistry.