Teeth whitening is usually a harmless process that aims to whiten and brighten one’s smile. Individuals are rarely able to go through life maintaining a flawless smile. Stains and discoloration happen naturally, though our diets and habits do play a part in how white our teeth remain. In the end, many patients seek teeth whitening in order to give them a new smile that is much more pleasing to show off.

young man holding his hand to his mouth as a warning sign

Not All Teeth Whitening Processes Are Created Equal

While teeth whitening seems like it should be a relatively easy, safe, and quick treatment, some patients have begun to seek teeth whitening treatment that is offered by non-professional teeth whitening providers. As a result, some patients are undergoing unsafe teeth whitening that often leaves them with more dental problems than they first started with.

Because of this, parliamentary undersecretary of state for BIS, Edward Davey has made efforts to work with European regulators in order to promote the idea that teeth whitening products should not be directly available without the care of a licensed dentist. This is why you should work with a dentist for your teeth whitening needs. Davey explained that the use of some chemicals, including chlorine dioxide, along with a high inconsistency when looking at trading standards, has made teeth whitening a potentially unsafe process for some patients. Non-dental professionals, such as whitening kiosks found in some shopping malls, often offer teeth whitening to their customers. Many times the products used to provide whiter teeth use chemicals such as chlorine dioxide in unsafe levels. While it does whiten teeth, the results are temporary and in the end patients are usually left with damaged teeth. Other providers are using products with 38% hydrogen peroxide content which, when used improperly, basically burns the gum off of the teeth and oral bones, especially when proper safety guards are not used.

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