Chronic pain is a phenomenon that has become a part of the lives of many Americans. To help raise awareness of chronic pain, the Women’s Advocates organization has looked towards the Institute of Medicine to take a stand and put forth effort, time, and money in order to better understand, diagnose, and treat chronic pain. Chronic pain is widely found in women, especially those who are older, but the condition can affect anyone at any given time. Because the condition is so broad, it is widely disregarded and improperly treated (if treated at all). The problem lies within the fact that chronic pain can be caused by all sorts of underlying diseases and disorders that often go undetected. Take TMJ disorder for instance. Also known as TMD, the condition occurs when the jaw joint is not in its proper location. Somehow the joint is misaligned which can cause a plethora of problems, including constant jaw pain, neck pain, facial pain, and even migraine-strength headaches.

How can a problem within the TMJ cause chronic pain?

TMJ disorder results when there is some sort of misalignment or imbalance within the jaw, usually because of a problem in the bite (technically called malocclusion). The body tries to fix the problem on its own, attempting to reposition the jaw into a more ideal location. While this is the main focus of TMJ treatment, when the body attempts to realign the jaw, the muscles, tendons, and nerves connected to the jaw joint are all impacted. This unconscious attempt to relocate the jaw can cause all sorts of pressure and strain, not only on the jaw joint, but all of the other body parts connected to it. The body will continue to attempt to reposition the jaw which means that the painful symptoms correlated with TMJ disorder will continue. Only proper treatment can stop the pain associated with TMJ from coming back. If chronic pain is a problem in your life, TMJ may be the cause of it. Suffering from neck pain, jaw pain, headaches, and worn down teeth are all symptoms of TMJ disorder. Come to Drs. Ken & Marnie Collins to discover if an imbalance within your jaw joint is the true cause of your chronic pain. With proper TMJ treatment, your pain will disappear and your quality of life will improve greatly! Call Collins Dentistry & Aestheitcs at (509) 532-1111, to schedule a TMJ consultation.