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We understand that not everyone knows what a difference your dentist can make. And if you don’t know the difference, you might be reluctant to try a new dentist. That’s why we offer specials to give you a reason to try us out. We know that with just one visit you’ll realize that our dentistry isn’t just different–it’s better. 

Welcome to Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics

The office of Spokane dentists Drs. Ken & Marnie CollinsCollins Dentistry & Aesthetics is happy to welcome new and existing patients to our family-friendly practice. Our warm and welcoming Spokane dentists, Dr. Ken and Marnie Collins, along with their compassionate and capable staff, will take care of you and your entire family.

We offer a full range of dentistry services, including:

  • Preventive dentistry
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Neuromuscular dentistry

At Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics, we strive to make all our patients comfortable in their smiles. You should have a smile that you are proud to share. It should be healthy and pain-free. This goes beyond your teeth–it includes having a healthy and functional bite. And we offer aesthetic treatments that help all our patients enjoy a youthful appearance.

Our Spokane dentists have over 20 years’ experience helping patients achieve the smile of their dreams. In addition, they have studied at some of the leading dental schools in the country. And they utilize the latest technology and techniques to ensure patients receive the best results that Spokane cosmetic dentistry allows.

As family dentists, we welcome your entire family and encourage you to make us your long-term dental home.
We invite you to find out the difference our experience, training, technology, and welcoming attitude will make for you.

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Spokane Cosmetic Dentists

With over 20 years’ experience in the field, our Spokane dentists strive to perfect their craft by staying up to date on the latest cosmetic techniques and treatment technologies.

From dental implants to Invisalign, our in-office CBCT Scanner allows Dr. Kenneth and Dr. Marnie to properly address underlying dental concerns, including tooth and bone loss, paving the way for optimal dental beauty and function.

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Collins Family

Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics

A beautiful smile is a great goal, but it’s not beautiful on its own. It should be in balance with the rest of your facial appearance. That’s why we offer comprehensive cosmetics. We combine cosmetic dentistry with other aesthetic treatments to give you an overall beauty that lets you feel comfortable and confident in your appearance.

With rejuvenating treatments like facials, you can have a youthful appearance that matches your bright smile. With cheek sculpting and lip augmentation, we can make your features the perfect complement to veneers giving you the bolder smile you’ve always longed for.

Collins Family

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Collins gave me the smile I always wanted. I make a stronger impression professionally and my family and friends say now I smile more than ever.”

Brad Walth

“Basically, I was unhappy with the shape of my teeth. I had braces before but my teeth were very small. I had done bonding but it was starting to stain. Veneers have given me the look I have desired all this time…perfect for my work in the cosmetic industry”

Darla Bare

“Everything was so easy! It was a magical thing. I did if for me…nobody else.”

Kathie Wilhelm

“I got the veneers to improve my smile and reposition my bite. Since then, I have not had TMJ, headaches or jaw pain. I no longer have jaw tension-related neck and shoulder pain. PLUS I have a new gorgeous smile!”

Patty McKinney

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new teeth! And, I have no regrets. It has changed my life in the fact that I feel it is okay to smile more!”

Kelli Swenson