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In dentistry, a root canal has a bad reputation, but that is undeserved. This procedure that has a very high success rate, and it can save your natural tooth, often for a full lifetime of continued use. And modern root canal therapy can be done comfortably. If you have an infected tooth, you likely already feel more pain on a daily basis than you will experience during or after a procedure. A root canal is pain relief.

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Symptoms of an Infected Tooth

Sometimes a cavity becomes so severe that the bacteria reaches the pulp of the tooth and causes a painful infection. This is called an infected or abscessed tooth. Symptoms of an abscessed tooth include:

  • Spontaneous tooth pain
  • Long-lasting sensitivity to heat, cold, pressure, or sweets
  • Discolored tooth
  • A persistent foul taste or bad breath
  • A pimple-like sore on the gums
  • Localized heat in the tooth or gums
  • Fever

An infected tooth can be very serious. The infection can spread from the tooth to the sinuses, brain, lungs, or blood. Once this happens, the infection can become life-threatening. Even if the infection doesn’t become immediately life-threatening, it can damage your heart, increasing your risk of heart disease long-term.

If you have an infected tooth, you must seek dental care to assess and resolve the infection.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal can stop the pain and save an infected tooth. This involves removing the decayed parts of the tooth, pulp, and nerve, and then sealing up the pulp chamber to prevent future infection. Dr. Collins then places a dental crown on the tooth to protect and provide a natural-looking repaired tooth. Root canal therapy gets a bad rap for being a very painful procedure, but it can actually be done quite comfortably with the proper use of anesthetic.

Attractive, Long-Lasting, Comfortable Results

At Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics, we make sure your restored tooth will look highly attractive. A tooth treated with a root canal can become discolored, but we will make sure yours looks natural and as attractive as the others in your mouth.

We also use only the highest-quality materials so your crown can last as long as possible, often decades.

And because we are trained in neuromuscular dentistry, we know how to make dental crowns that don’t interfere with the fit and function of your bite. After a brief adjustment period, you will be happy with how well your bite works, and you won’t get any jaw discomfort or muscle tension headaches that can be caused by poorly fitted restorations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is Recovery from a Root Canal Treatment?

While the recovery process from root canal treatment will vary from patient to patient, the average recovery time is typically one to two weeks. During this time, it’s important that patients follow the guidelines as recommended by their dentist. If full healing has not been achieved, or if pain or discomfort persists after two weeks, visit your dentist as soon as possible to check for complications. At Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics, however, patients can feel comfortable and confident knowing that our dentists minimize every risk of complication possible with careful, precise, quality care during every reboot canal treatment.

What Are Things I Should Avoid After Root Canal Treatment?

Although recovery from a root canal treatment is not overly complex, there are several things that should be avoided for one to two weeks to minimize complications. Patients should avoid smoking as this can conflict with their oral health. High-intensity workouts and strenuous physical activity should also be avoided to prevent injuries to the mouth.

Additionally, being careful of what you eat is likely the most important thing during recovery from root canal treatment. Avoid the following:

  • Crunchy foods such as crackers, raw vegetables, and raw fruits.
  • Chewy candies such as caramel, taffy, or gum.
  • Spicy foods.
  • Extremely hot foods.

How Long Does a Root Canal Last?

The lifespan of a root canal is dependent upon the type of dental care you receive after your root canal treatment:

  • With fillings and a crown, root canals with subsequent fillings plus a crown can last up to 20 years.
  • Root canals can last up to 11 years with either a filling or a crown.
  • Root canals can last up to 7 years without a filling or a crown.

How Often Will I Need a Root Canal?

If you experience tooth pain, infection, or any other issues involving a tooth that received root canal treatment, your dentists may perform root canal therapy on the same tooth again at least two to three more times before you may need an artificial tooth alternative. With proper oral hygiene and frequent dental check-ups, root canals should not be needed unless you have a tooth injury or experience symptoms of tooth decay again.

What Aftercare Is Required After Getting Root Canal Treatment?

Eat soft foods for your first few days after treatment. Meals that include well-cooked pasta, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, and smoothies are great options for soft foods you can eat during recovery. Be sure to brush your teeth after every meal and floss daily. Using an antibacterial mouthwash can also help prevent the growth of germs in your mouth.

Your dentist may also provide you with specific aftercare guidelines, especially if you have a history of oral complications or difficulty recovering from dental treatments. We encourage patients to follow these guidelines diligently to achieve a successful recovery from root canal treatments.

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