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If you have lost teeth and you’re looking for an affordable, proven replacement, dentures are a great choice. Dentures are tooth replacements that can look attractive and improve your ability to eat. They can replace one, several, even all your lost teeth. And for traditional dentures there is no surgery required. But if you want to get the best function, you can combine them with dental implants for the best function. With implants, it’s like getting back your natural teeth.

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Types of Dentures

There are many different types of dentures, depending on how many teeth you’ve lost and what type of function you’re looking for. In general, they come in three main types:

  • Partial
  • Full
  • Implant

Partial dentures are used when you only need to replace some of your teeth. These are one or a few teeth set in a plastic or metal base that slides into your mouth. They’re held in place partly by suction and partly by pressure against your natural teeth. In the past, this was done with hooks or clasps that clamped onto your teeth, but modern partials can sometimes be made without these. We’ll evaluate your bite to see if these will work for you.

Full dentures are used to replace all the teeth in a single arch. They are solid plastic bases, but the teeth can be ceramic in some cases, held in place mostly by suction, which means they’re not very secure. However, they can be functional for biting and chewing if you practice the proper technique.

Implant dentures are either partial or full that are supported by dental implants. We’ll talk more about them in a bit.

Comparing the Alternatives

For a long time, there was only one option for replacing lost teeth. However, technology has developed other tooth replacement options that can be better in some situations.

Dental bridges are tooth replacements that are bonded to and supported by your natural teeth. Sometimes they are called “fixed partial dentures” because they are basically like a partial denture that is bonded to your teeth instead of attached to a denture base. Dental bridges look at least as attractive, and they give much better function. Because they’re attached to your teeth, dental bridges don’t slip out of your mouth, and they let you bite and chew normally. The problem with dental bridges is that they require modification of teeth that will support the bridge. Sometimes that puts the supporting teeth at risk. So we only recommend bridges in situations where the risk is minimal.

Dental implants are a new alternative. Implants are artificial tooth roots that bond with your jawbone. We then attach replacement teeth to the implant or implants to create fully functional tooth replacements. Dental implants let you bite and chew normally and can replace any number of lost teeth. Plus, with proper care implants can last a lifetime.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are when we attach multiple replacement teeth to dental implants. They might be partial or full dentures. You can also decide whether you want them to be supported by the implants or by your gums Giving a better bite force, but they require more implants.

Implant dentures can also be designed to be removable or fixed so that only a dentist can remove them. Removable ones aren’t quite as secure as a fixed, and they are more prone to wearing out. But they are easier to clean and repair. Fixed dentures are more secure, but hygiene can be a challenge.

We’ll talk to you about your denture goals and limitations to help you decide on the best implant option for you.

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