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As much as we love to show off our talent with complicated restorations, preventative dentistry is still our favorite kind of dentistry. We feel proud when we can take a patient’s damaged, decayed smile and make it shine again, but we’re happier, and you’re happier—not to mention healthier—when we can keep your attractive smile shining youthfully for your entire life.

If you’re due or overdue for your regular cleaning, please call us at 509-532-1111 or email Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics today.

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When to Seek Professional Dental Care

Your daily oral hygiene routine is critical to maintaining your oral health. To keep your mouth healthy, brush your teeth twice a day, and floss every day.

Because our mouth is most vulnerable when we sleep, it’s best to brush just before bed and in the morning.

You can also brush at other times during the day, but pay attention to these guidelines:

  • Don’t use toothpaste more than twice a day. It’s abrasive and can damage teeth if overused.
  • Don’t brush immediately after consuming highly acidic foods and beverages such as citrus, soda, wine, and sports drinks.
  • If you can’t brush, do an aggressive rinse with water.

Whenever you brush, it’s important to brush gently. Aggressive tooth brushing is a leading cause of receding gums. You’re trying to remove plaque, which is very soft, about the consistency of yogurt. It’s easy to remove.

Flossing every day helps remove plaque your toothbrush can’t reach, including getting between teeth and at the gum line.

Is It Time For a Teeth Cleaning, Already?

We all know that we need to get in for a teeth cleaning visit at least once, preferably twice per year, but it’s amazing how quickly time flies by. If it’s time for a teeth cleaning and check-up, give us a call or book an appointment online.

It’s important to get regular cleaning appointments because these supplement your home hygiene routine. At home, you clean off plaque, which is soft, but plaque that isn’t cleaned off will absorb minerals from your saliva and harden, turning into tartar. Tartar isn’t just unsightly–it shelters oral bacteria that can infect your gums. And you can’t remove it at home–it’s like a rock!

Cleaning visits offer many other benefits, too. At our Spokane Valley dental office, we offer:

  • Comprehensive teeth cleaning
  • Periodontal treatment (gum therapy)
  • Breath Treatment

And all the services you need to maintain your mouth’s health.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body, Peace of Mind

Dental hygiene does more than just protect your teeth, it promotes your overall health. Your mouth is the gateway to your body, and when it is infected with bacteria, you can suffer a host of other problems. An infection in your mouth, such as gum disease or an infected tooth, increases your body’s overall bacterial load, which can manifest itself in everything from recurring acne to a susceptibility to seasonal colds.

Gum disease has also been linked to major health problems, from pregnancy complications to heart disease. Getting your regular visits and cleanings can prevent gum disease or allow us to detect and treat it at an early stage.

Don’t delay! It’s always much easier (and less expensive) to prevent problems and even catch them when they are just starting out. Drs. Ken and Marnie Collins and our caring hygienists will take very good care of you. Call us at our Spokane office at 509-532-1111, or make an appointment online now, for a teeth cleaning visit today.

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