If you have crooked teeth that could probably require the use of braces, you’ve more than likely heard about the new trend of invisible braces, like Invisalign. The fact is that people who need braces to straighten their teeth no longer want to consider the normal metal braces from the past, simply because they are a lot of work, can cause mouth abrasions, and simply are not the prettiest to look at. Because of those issues, companies involved in the dental industry have created clear braces.

Why Choose Invisalign Clear Braces?

The idea behind clear braces is that patients can wear them during the day without them being noticeable, this makes it great for the workplace. Of course, a mouth full of metal will be seen, but with invisible braces, the aligners are clear and are meant to be not-so detectable, and consequently are much more aesthetically pleasing. Invisible braces are also the new rave because they don’t require as much patient care and diet changes.

Clear Braces May Not Be For Everyone

It’s important to note that for some patients, clear braces are not ideal. For example, though invisible braces sound great to many people, the success of them really depends on how compliant the patient is to the treatment guidelines. If the patient neglects follow-up appointments and doesn’t wear the aligners as required, the results will not be great. Because of this, some people just aren’t suitable for clear braces.

Another problem is that clear braces won’t work on those patients with severe dental malocclusion (such as a crossbite) and crowding. Aligners can only straighten teeth so much and because of this, patients with more complex problems are told to not invest in clear braces.

While they may offer some improvement, who wants to pay thousands on a dental procedure that doesn’t provide the best possible outcome?This is another problem with invisible braces: they are pretty expensive, and it is rare that dental insurance will pay for any of it. Despite the great financing options that we have, some patients don’t qualify and can’t dish out the money required to go through the clear braces procedure. They have to opt for the treatment that insurance covers, which is understandable.

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