As a general rule, it’s good to be skeptical of all research performed by someone with a vested interest in the results, but that doesn’t mean that the the conclusions of Invisalign data on the benefits of straight teeth aren’t valuable and shouldn’t be taken into consideration when making decisions about whether to get braces or not.

young adult woman with braces smilingInvisalign’s Survey and Its Conclusions

The results we’re talking about come from a number of studies that Invisalign commissioned to look at the benefits of straighter teeth. The results show both personal and professional benefits for people with straight teeth.

In terms of how we are perceived by others, Invisalign’s research shows that people with straight teeth are perceived as better in many ways than those with crooked teeth. Some of the biggest advantages are in these areas:

  • Healthy: people with straight teeth are 47% more likely to be perceived as healthy
  • Popular: 55% more likely
  • Trustworthy: 31% more likely
  • High self esteem:44% more likely

They are also more likely to get have a healthier social life. Nearly 40% of people wouldn’t go on a second date with someone who has crooked teeth.

The professional benefits may be even greater. Someone with straight teeth is 45% more likely to get hired over someone else with similar qualifications than someone with crooked teeth. And people are more likely to think you are wealthy if you have straight teeth. People with straight teeth are 50% more likely to be perceived as being high income, and half as likely to be thought of as unemployed.

Is This Why You Should Get Braces?

So, on the basis of all this data, should you make the plunge and get braces?

No. The decision to get braces, whether traditional wire braces or Invisalign clear braces, has to be one that you decide on yourself for your own reasons. It requires commitment, and that comes only from inside you, not from the perceptions of others. What other people think about you is their problem, not yours, and whether they think you have high esteem or not won’t affect whether you actually do, any more than their perception about your income actually affects your income. But if people’s perceptions matter to you, that could be a motivator.
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