young adult woman smiling with teethMillions of Americans currently face the problem of one or more missing teeth. So if your smile has seen better days thanks to a missing tooth or even multiple missing teeth, you’re not alone. The problem of missing teeth does more than embarrass you; it actually can affect your oral and physical health and emotional wellbeing. If you’ve been dealing with missing teeth, it’s important to realize that there are dental solutions available for you.

Missing teeth in Spokane, Washington, do not have to control your life and keep you from enjoying all of the daily pleasures the Evergreen State has to offer. A Spokane dental implant dentist can replace your missing teeth, and in just a matter of a few short months, you’ll have a stunning smile you’ll surely want to show off.

What Are Dental Implants, and Why Should I Consider Implants?

Think of dental implants as a permanent tooth replacement. Dental implants can fix one missing tooth, a few missing teeth, a whole top or bottom arch of teeth, or a whole mouth of missing teeth. It’s really a fascinating procedure that changes lives because dental implants in Spokane, WA, give people their confidence back. Dental implants allow people to live their lives to the fullest. Are you ready for a life-changing dental solution? Dental implants may be all you need to put that spring back into your step.

How about no more hiding your mouth with your hand, putting off job interviews, or avoiding family gatherings due to missing teeth? Whether you’ve been involved in an accident or have suffered tooth loss due to poor oral hygiene or gum disease, you need not suffer any longer. If you’re going to consider dental implants, treat yourself to the best implant dentist in Spokane, Washington.

You should consider dental implants in Spokane a permanent solution because they can last a lifetime if properly cared for, and no one will ever know you had them unless you tell them. They look that much like natural teeth!

Dental implants look so natural, and when properly cared for, you can enjoy all the hard, chewy foods you love and not have to take your teeth out to clean them, eat, or sleep. You simply brush and floss regularly and make sure you keep those twice-a-year dental checkups. If you follow your implant dentist’s orders, those dental implants can last the rest of your life, regardless of your age.

Let’s take a brief look at the dental implant procedure so you’ll know what to expect. Please keep in mind that every patient’s situation is different, so your Spokane implant dentist will devise a dental implant treatment plan just for you.

The Dental Implant Procedure (in a nutshell)

The areas of your mouth that are missing teeth need to be prepared to receive dental implants. Traditional dental implants are titanium posts that resemble screws. The number of dental implants required to restore your smile depends on many factors, one of which is how many teeth are missing. Other factors that must be considered are your existing jawbone density and overall health.

Your Spokane implant dentist surgically implants the titanium screw-like posts into your jaw bone, and in a process known as “osseointegration,” those implants eventually fuse with your jaw providing you a sturdy, immobile tooth replacement option. The process takes a few months, and because everyone heals at a different pace, it’s hard to predict exactly how long your process will take. The most important thing is that you follow the directions of your implant dentist before, during, and after the dental implantation.

Once those implants are placed, an abutment (a connecting piece) is added in order to prepare for the final step of the implant process, which is the addition of the artificial tooth, which commonly takes the form of a dental crown. This last stage of the dental implant process in Spokane is known as “dental implant restoration,” and instead of a crown, your implant dentist may place a dental bridge or full or partial dentures.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The benefits of dental implants in Spokane, WA, are numerous:

  • Replace one or multiple teeth
  • Provide a natural-looking smile
  • Are long-lasting
  • Allow you to enjoy all the foods you love
  • Protect your remaining teeth
  • Help to maintain healthy gums
  • Keep jawbone healthy
  • Deliver a beautiful smile

If you feel you may not be a good candidate for dental implants in Spokane, please know that there are many other avenues to pursue regarding tooth replacement. Most people are great candidates for dental implants, so don’t put off getting a consultation if you’re interested in tooth replacement in Spokane.

Get Dental Implants in Spokane, Washington

The Spokane dental implant dentists at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics are ready to transform your smile from lackluster to Hollywood-worthy. You deserve to enjoy life to its fullest, so if your missing teeth issue has affected your happiness, please contact us by phone (509) 532-1111 or use our online contact form to let us know how we can help.