Just because you have porcelain veneers on your teeth doesn’t mean that they can’t fall out if you don’t maintain good oral hygiene habits. You can spend money on teeth whitening, but the reality is, if you continue to do the things that caused your teeth to be stained in the first place, your teeth will get stained again. Studies have shown that the best looking smiles are those that have been treated with cosmetic dentistry but then have also received good follow-up care. What is “good follow-up care”? Thankfully, nothing out of the ordinary. It simply means:

  1. following the dentist’s instructions for caring for your dentistry.
  2. brushing your teeth at least twice a day (preferably after every meal, and using a quality electric tooth brush).
  3. flossing when you brush your teeth.
  4. visiting your dentist on a regular basis (twice per year is preferred) for cleanings and exams.

Each of the above items is critical, but visiting the dentist on a regular basis is an important one not to miss. We’re all busy, but if you’ve made an investment in cosmetic dentistry, it’s worth your time and money to get professional care and maintenance for your new smile if you want to keep it looking fabulous. Call our Spokane cosmetic dental office at (509) 532-1111, if it’s been a while since your last appointment or if you’re ready to get a dazzling smile of your own.