Last year, we learned that many of the athletes at the 2012 Olympic games had very bad oral health. In fact, about one in five reported that their poor oral health interfered with their training. As a result, British athletes have begun instituting more careful dental care, with regular visits to the dentist and careful monitoring of their oral hygiene in the hopes that it may improve their competitiveness.

Olympic rings against skyMarginal Gains Lead to Maximum Competitive Advantage

A professor of oral health said that oral health could really make a significant difference at the highest levels of competition because the difference between athletes at this level was relatively small. At this level, “the accumulation of marginal gains,” as he described it, including better oral health, can lead to a distinct advantage.

The advised strategy comes as no surprise to the long-time coach of the boxing team. Dr. Mike Loosemore, who has been working with the team for 17 years said, “I’ve become aware over the years that dental problems have been interfering with training. It stops them getting that little bit fitter and may have a consequence when they get into the ring.”

As a result, he instituted regular dental checks, which he says are not popular with the boxers. He says they would rather be training that visiting the dentist, but, he says, visiting the dentist means “they are spending less time away from their training,”which is making them better boxers.

Could You Benefit from “Marginal Gains”?

For many of us, it seems hard to make time to go to the dentist. There always seems to be more things that demand our time than we have time for, and going to the dentist just seems like a waste. But, as with the boxers, you may find that getting to the dentist for preventive care actually saves you time compared to what you may lose if you have poor oral health.

And what potential benefit might you get from having a better smile? From small businesses to job seekers, a better smile has measurable benefits.

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