Do you have a missing tooth or teeth, which is causing you stress? Nowadays, many are choosing dental implants in Spokane as an option for tooth replacement.

mature woman relaxing on her couch, smiling Why Missing Teeth Need To Be Replaced

A missing tooth (or teeth) affects your smile. However, it can also affect your oral health. In fact, tooth loss promotes bone loss, or resorption, at the site. This weakens your jaw. Surrounding teeth shift or float into the space, as well. This can increase the chances of temporomandibular disorder (TMJ), which causes pain in the jaw and other discomforting symptoms.

Tooth loss can also change the way you talk and eat. Not to mention how much you socialize in your personal and business worlds! Teeth shifting may also increase the risks of crooked teeth. This will further worsen your smile. As such, it’s important to talk to your dentist in Spokane about tooth replacement.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a titanium post. It’s screwed inside your jawbone. It resembles a tooth’s root. After that, a dental crown is put on top of the implant. The procedure does take some months from start to finish. With that said, the result makes dental implants worth the time, money, and effort invested.

Top 5 Benefits of Dental Implants

Many are choosing this treatment as a solution to replace lost teeth. That’s thanks to all the benefits linked to the procedure.

Below are the top 5 advantages of choosing dental implants.

1. They Look Like Real Teeth

Firstly, dental implants are the closest thing to real teeth you can get. They look like and function like natural teeth. In fact, unless you tell people that you have implants, they likely won’t notice the difference.

2. Eat What You LOVE!

Unlike some tooth replacement options, there are no dietary restrictions with dental implants. You can eat the same foods you’ve always enjoyed. They are a permanent fixture in your mouth. Therefore, there is never a worry that they could slip or fall out during a meal. Whether it’s corn on the cob, hard nuts, or strawberries, you can eat to your heart’s content!

3. Improved Overall Oral Health

Dental implants enhance your smile. However, they also help with overall oral health. They anchor into your jawbone. Therefore, implants stimulate your gums and jaw. This keeps them healthy. Secondly, they don’t need support from your other teeth. This places less stress on your natural teeth, which decreases the risk of damage to them, or tooth decay.

4. Easy Maintenance

As they are fused to your jawbone, like real teeth, oral care is the same as your natural teeth. Clean and maintain your dental implants as you would regular teeth. This means, brushing twice a day, and flossing daily. Don’t forget the mouthwash rinse!

Your dental implants can last a lifetime. That is, if you take care of them through routine oral hygiene practices, daily!

5. Increased Self-Esteem

Lastly, you’ll smile more with dental implants! After all, you’ll want to show off your new pearly whites! Plus, you’ll be able to brush aside all the insecurities that a missing tooth/teeth can bring. More often than not, individuals can feel self-conscience when they lose a tooth. They can feel as if everyone is watching them as they eat, or even talk. Dental implants eliminate these insecurities. They ultimately will increase your self-esteem.

Cons To Dental Implants

As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to dental implants.

Some disadvantages to the treatment, include:

  • There’s a chance of gum infections, sinus complications, and nerve damage with dental implants. After all, this procedure falls into the “oral surgery” category.
  • Some may consider the process of getting dental implants, lengthy. It can take approximately four to eight months, depending on each patient’s case.
  • Not all insurance plans cover this type of treatment.
  • You may need to perform a bone graft before your implants. This is if your jawbone is unable to support the titanium posts.

With this said, it’s important to talk to your Spokane dentist. They can help you weigh out all the pros and cons of dental implants. They’ll be able to offer information, answer questions, and provide the advice you need!

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