When people hear “root canal,” they tend to flinch. That said, the negative sentiment surrounding this beneficial dental treatment usually centers on a lack of understanding. In truth, root canal therapy is often the only way to save a tooth when it becomes infected or suffers serious damage. Unavoidable or voluntary tooth extraction can cause serious problems, including further tooth loss, temporomandibular joint disorder and unattractive alignment. Fortunately, a root canal can preserve natural teeth and prevent these types of problems.

Identifying Myths

Many people are afraid of root canal therapy, because they’ve heard specific myths, including:

    1. The treatment is very painful – Several years ago, root canals were relatively unpleasant; however, modern root canal treatments are much more tolerable, thanks to technological advancements which make the procedure faster and more efficient. In reality, root canal therapy relieves pain and not the other way around.
    2. Extraction is a better option – Some say extraction is a cheaper option; however, in the long-run, a root canal can save patients a lot of money. Often, extraction results in the need for bridges or implants to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting. Tooth loss can also be a big problem for older people, because it limits their ability to eat specific foods. No one can predict the future, so it’s important to keep the teeth we have in case future dental problems lead to significant tooth loss.

How it Works

Root canals keep people from losing their precious God-given teeth. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how well we care for our teeth. Tiny cavities and cracks can lead to decay and infection, which can make root canal therapy necessary. If you think you may need this valuable treatment or you’re interested in a routine dental cleaning to help prevent potential problems, call Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics at 509-581-4188 in Spokane or 509-927-2273 in Spokane Valley today.