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TMJ Treatment

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How You Can Treat Your TMJ Without Going Under the Knife

Right now, temporomandibular joint disorders (sometimes called TMJ or TMD) are hard to treat. It’s an unfortunate truth, as TMJ can cause a slew of problems including frequent headaches, ear ringing and even tingling [...]

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Will Tissue Engineering Give Us Better Surgical Solutions for TMJ?

We try to do everything we can to help people get relief from temporomandibular joint disorders (called TMJ or TMD) without surgery. That’s because the current surgical options are bad. They have [...]

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New Pain Categories Help Us Distinguish TMJ and Other Pain Types

One of the ways that we can help diagnose different types of pain--and therefore decide which treatments are best--is by categorizing the pain. When we can divide pain into different categories, we can narrow [...]

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Are There Any Products that Relieve TMD Symptoms?

TMJ (also known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorders)impacts numerous people, who must endure a daily battle against chewing difficulties, jaw popping, jaw pain and more. To reduce their discomfort, many people use prescription or over-the-counter drugs [...]

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