Diet Colas and Methamphetamine Affect Teeth in Similar WaysIt’s no mystery that colas hurt our teeth; however, not many people understand just how harmful these sugary, acidic drinks can be. The typical can of cola has approximately the equivalent of ten full teaspoons of sugar. Because sugar fuels plaque, many people turn to diet colas to satisfy their sweet tooth. Sadly, research indicates that these beverages may be even worse for our dental health.

Similar to Meth, Crack

A study appearing in General Dentistry magazine suggests that diet colas are especially harmful to human teeth, because they usually contain more enamel-dissolving acid. In fact, the researchers who conducted the study say diet cola is so bad for teeth; it’s comparable to crack cocaine and meth.

Similar Effects

According to researchers, meth and crack tend to promote tooth decay by reducing the levels of plaque-clearing saliva in the mouth. Amazingly, diet colas promote similar tooth decay by introducing enough acid to overwhelm the mouth’s saliva. In the end, without enough saliva to protect against acid, the mouth is ill-equipped to fend off tooth decay.

Making Wise Decisions

Tooth decay is nothing to take lightly. In time, poor diets and inadequate dental care can lead to cavities, which may ultimately erupt into expensive, painful treatments. Fortunately, you can reduce your risk for tooth decay by drinking fewer acidic beverages. That said, to keep your dental health where it needs to be, you also need to schedule routine teeth cleanings and checkups.

Don’t Wait for Problems to Occur

When dentists catch cavities in their infancies, they can use sealants to repair teeth. Sadly, most people never even know they have cavities until they develop into a painful, serious problem.

Don’t wait for symptoms; contact Drs. Ken and Marnie Collins to schedule a checkup. If they find any problems, they’ll nip them in the bud before major dental issues have a chance to develop. They’ll also provide a thorough, professional cleaning that will have your teeth and gums looking and feeling healthier than ever.