It can be hard to muster a smile in the morning. After all, you’ve just gotten up after what was probably too short a night, and you’re facing what is probably too long a day. Your coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, and you haven’t gotten your breakfast yet.

But there may be a bright spot to your morning: your toaster. A company based in northern California is now offering fully customized toasters that can burn any image into your toast, including yours.

toast jumping out of a toaster

Beyond Jesus Toast

Burnt Impressions built off the social phenomenon: people seeing Jesus, Elvis, or other faces in their toast. The phenomenon is known as face pareidolia. It’s when our mind takes randomly-distributed stimuli and creates a face pattern out of it. Although it is sometimes implied that people have to be crazy to see these images, research shows that it’s a very common thing for our minds to do because they are designed to make patterns and recognize faces. The stimuli can be anything, including, for example, the famous Mars mesa that supposedly looks like a face.

But in response to this phenomenon, Burnt Impressions designed a toaster that would actually burn an impression of Jesus or other figures onto your toaster. With reasonable sales and requests for more different designs, Burnt Impressions began to design more and more toasters that would burn different figures, including Elvis and Buddha, onto toast. They developed the capability to create toasters that will burn any image onto your toast.

Your Selfie Toast

With the ability to have any picture put on toast, why not consider getting your own image on toast? Although it may seem vain to some, it may be just what you need in the morning to see an image of yourself at a happier time and showing off your bright, beautiful smile. Or you could get an image of your beloved or your children, whatever makes you feel like smiling yourself. That way, every morning can begin with bright and happy thoughts.

But if even that’s not enough to get you to show your teeth because you’re ashamed of them, perhaps cosmetic dentistry can help.